St Julians Club Autumn Newsletter 2019

Club Newsletter Autumn 2019 St Julians Clu - PrivateMembers Club in the Weald of Kent As the grounds turn from lush green to vibrant autumn colours and through to frost covered mornings, St Julians is beautiful in every season. Throughout the autumn and winter St Julians is still full of life and we have planned lots to do at the Club for all of the family, from our spooky Halloween party and Father Christmas visiting to luxury wine nights, whisky laden Burns evening and challenging quiz nights. On blustery autumn days we are a great starting point for many walks across the greensand ridge, with plenty of space for wellies at the front door. If it snows, we keep our drive clear and the club is always open. We have great hills for sledging and plenty of space to build a snowman, and then you can warm your toes by the fire and enjoy a hot chocolate brimming with marshmallows and whipped cream, a warming mulled wine or Irish coffee. When spring starts to bloom remember the pools re-open on 1 April and reserve the date on your calendar for the Easter Egg Hunt. Keep a close eye on the website and on our regular emails for details of upcoming events. Autumn at St Julians /stjuliansclub